Puppy Training for You and
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Your Dog, Your Home, Your rules.

Hello, I’m Karen Scott and after 40+ years of training my dogs and 10 years as a full-time professional dog trainer, I have come to realise that the standard sit/stay approach to puppy training isn't working. It's missing those vital elements that turn living with a puppy from hard work to something wonderful.

I come to you in your own home and we work on the things that you and your family need to help integrate and socialise your puppy quickly.

Unlike most training clubs, we include the whole family so that your puppy listens to you all, not just Mum or Dad.

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Puppy & Dog Training Plans

Tailored to Your Family Needs

Family Puppy Training

Fun and Games to teach your puppy quickly how to behave at home and out.

Lessons in your own home and we can start before vaccinations.

Fully documented training plan.

One-off sessions or buy 5 and get 6th FREE

Paws for Cake

Weekly, social, fun activity for you and your dog. It doesn't matter how mobile you are,

You can join in. Tea, coffee, cake and chat.

If you don't have a dog, come along anyway and help.

Dogs just want to have Fun.

Achieving Excellence Programme

On-going training to maintain behaviours & to build new skills

Perfect for the whole family

Course of 6, monthly sessions, delivered in your own home

Fully documented training plan

Your Puppy Instruction Manual

Your puppy probably didn't come with an instruction or user manual so download my reference guide jam packed with advice for families helpful hints and useful training tips.

Get your FREE COPY today, simply tell us where to send it and we'll do the rest and send you it today!
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5.5 Steps to Perfect Recall & Return

Discover the essential step owners (and trainers) forget when training their puppy to come back. There's an essential skill your dog must have, to allow you to grab its attention. It's not a magic command and it doesn't take long to learn but the rewards are huge.

Get your FREE COPY today, simply tell us where to send it and we'll do the rest and send you it today!
Send Me Both Books Please

What My Happy Customers Say

There's lots more inside!

Karen has been a real find. Her training has built both mine and my puppy's confidence. I'm regularly told what a well-behaved puppy I have. I'd recommend Karen to anybody.

Jane and Tilly, Royston, Herts.

We have found your personalised puppy classes invaluable. They've given us confidence (as puppy parents for the first time).

Deborah and Buster. Welwyn

Thanks so much for all the fantastic advice and support you have given training us as well as Oscar! Can't recommend Karen enough, big thanks.

Lisa and Oscar, Hertford

I can't even begin to describe how much your assessment and suggestions helped me today. I have learned more today, than I have in the last years from all other trainers combined.

Petra, Tinx and Bibi

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