You love them as if they were actually family…

We all love our dog’s. Some of us possibly even more than our other halves… We can all quickly forgive our little pups, after all they are hard to stay angry at! They’re protective just like any other family member would be, when the door goes they’re barking as a sign of protection, although I can help stop your dog from barking at the door and waking your little baby up.

Your dog is included in everything you do

Whether it’s a quick trip down the road to the shop to get some milk, or wanting to go for a nice walk in the park, you include her. After all she is a part of the family! Even when you’re off on your holidays, she’s either coming with you or your finding her a nice place to stay for the week.

Your thinking about her when you’re out shopping

When you’re out looking for some new clothes or to grab the food shopping, you’ll sometimes come across cute things you know your pup would like so you throw it in the basket. Not because she’s spoilt, just because you take good care of her. You’d do the same for your kids, even if it’s something small, you know it’ll brighten your dog’s day!

No one can EVER say a bad word about your dog

When you have a tiff with your brother or sister, you can say what you want BUT it is never OK for someone else to say a bad word about one of your family members, and the same rule applies for your dog. Your dog will annoy you at times, and you can call them names out of anger, but no one else will ever be able to say a bad word because it’s YOUR dog!

Your life wouldn’t be the same without them!

When your dog becomes a member of your family, you start to miss them when you aren’t around them, just like your other half or your kids. It feels strange been away from them for a period of time! When you walk in to your house with your dog jumping at your feet with happiness, I’m pretty sure the feelings mutual.

They’re here to stay furever

No matter how hard life may be with a dog around, whether it be chewing your favourite pair of shoes or ruining your garden, if you value your dog as a true member of your family, that means they’re here to stay. Blood is thicker than water – you would never give up on your family so why should you give up on your dog?