Puppy Training to help you quickly train your puppy to be your perfect companion

Puppy Training to create the perfect companion for you.

How do you make sure that your gorgeous puppy grows into the perfect companion for you?

One that settles at home or in the local coffee shop.  A dog that can safely go everywhere with you and one that you can be proud of.

One that you know will not jump up and knock that running child over.

Or perhaps your puppy is too excitable, jumping and biting and you are scared that he won’t grow out of it?

Peaceful Pups puppy training programme will help you quickly settle your puppy into your home and life.

It will show you how to behave so that your puppy behaves.

But it all starts with you and what you want from your puppy.  You can decide what you want your puppy to learn.

If that means going to the local coffee shop or lying quietly whilst you read a book in the sun then that is what we will teach your puppy.

It may also include your puppy not being allowed upstairs – it’s up to you.

Training begins in your home and can start before he has had his vaccinations.  It can also include socialisation and trips out and about.


Not sure whether this training is for you?  Please check out my comparison table here.

Areas Covered: North Somerset.

If you have a young family, please see my Family programme and if you have a rescue dog or older puppy please see my chaos to calm programme

How your puppy will improve from taking this Puppy Training Programme

BEFORE Training

AFTER Training

small-dog-icon-3Jumping up on you, your children, your visitors or all over the furniture.checked21-green-42No jumping on people or furniture.
small-dog-icon-3Snatching food from hands, table, worktops and floor.checked21-green-42Manners around food. Waits patiently to be offered food.
small-dog-icon-3Knocking you or your children over in their rush to get outdoors.
Dragging you through the door on his lead.
Jumping out of the car as soon as the door opens risking his life (running in front of another car) or running up to other dogs.
checked21-green-42Manners around doors and does not rush to get inside or outside.
small-dog-icon-3Pulling you down the road.
Pulling you or your child over.
Pulling towards other people and dogs.

checked21-green-42Walking nicely on the lead, calmly and conscientiously.
small-dog-icon-3Lack of Socialisation behaviours, growling at dogs/people.
Not comfortable with crowds, noises, surfaces.
Not comfortable away from home.
Have to leave them at home.
Can’t take them on days out.
Can’t take them on holiday.
checked21-green-42Take them on family trips (days out/pub/hotel) and they are calm and happy.
small-dog-icon-3Have to shut the dog away when visitors come.
Your friends don’t come around because of your dog.
No-one trusts your dog.
Doesn’t know how to behave around children and is either scared of them or gets too excited around them.
checked21-green-42Happy around visitors, especially children. respects other people who come to your home.
small-dog-icon-3Not being able to go out shopping or with friends as your dog will either bark all the time or wreck the house.checked21-green-42Happy to be left at home alone.

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