Zac doing a lovely attentive sit in Done for you puppy training

In our Done for You Puppy Training, sit is one of the first behaviours we ‘capture’

Done for You Puppy Training.

Why ‘Done for You Puppy Training? Because although there are many residential puppy and dog training schools around the Country, many owners can not afford the cost or they do not want to send their precious puppy away.

I have to say I agree. 

Your poor puppy has already been unceremoniously wrenched from everything it has ever known.  It is now  in a strange house with smells, sounds and people that are alien to it.  Then, some are sent off somewhere different for 3 weeks or more where there are other smells, sounds and people to get used to.  Just as he becomes comfortable in their new environment, he is sent back again.  This results in a very confused puppy.

So if you are looking for someone else to train your puppy for you, what can you do? Look at our Done for You Puppy Training.

Our ‘Done-for-you Puppy Training’ service offers more than traditional residential training schools.  Plus your puppy gets to stay at home with you.

 Why in your own home?

  • Because it is less stressful for your puppy and you.
  • Your puppy knows where he is.
  • You can choose what your puppy is taught.
  • We can add things as we go (this may add more days to the training).
  • I will include games that the whole family can play.
  • You can see the progress.
  • No sad partings and worrying about whether your lovely puppy is OK.
  • Avoid worrying about whether he will miss you or even remember you!
  • Your puppy will still be there for you every day.

Effective Puppy Training done-for-you, in your own home!

Your Puppy, Your Home, Your Rules.

In the past, if you wanted your puppy trained for you, the only option was to send him away for 4 to 12 weeks for Residential Training.   This can cost up to £3000 and sometimes more. Now there is a new option, a real alternative to sending your puppy away for residential dog training.

Peaceful Pups Done for You Puppy Training that puts your needs first.

Do you think you are restricted to Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it and Heel?

Think again, there is much, much more that we can teach your puppy for you.

For example:

  • You may want your dog to stand on a towel when coming in from the garden when it’s wet outside so you can dry his feet?
  • Or what about making sure that he knows not to surf your worktops for food or snatch food from your hand or your toddlers?
  • Do you want to be able to take him to the local pub or cafe and know he will just lie down at your feet?

I can cover all these and more.  Including all your socialisation needs using current non-aversive training methods and games.  It is known that puppies learn quicker if both the trainer and the puppy are having fun. 

Emphasis is placed on your puppy learning to be well behaved and that he knows your house rules.  


Socialisation is an important and essential part of puppy training and is automatically included in our Done for You Puppy Training. It should be started as soon as you bring your puppy home. The aim is to introduce your puppy to as many different noises and situations as possible. It is a good idea to mentally think of what you will want to be doing with your dog.  Where do you want to take him?  What are you likely to encounter?  Once you have that list, you will know what situations will need to be covered.

In our first consultation, we will create a list of all the socialisation situations that you need to include.

Here are some of the sound situations to think about.

How it works

  • At our initial consultation,  I will work with you to determine your requirements.
  • I will help you decide what your puppy needs to learn to be able to live with you and fit in with your life as a well-behaved dog.
  • We will agree on a schedule and I will start training your puppy.
  • I will train your puppy on the agreed days (normally at least 3 times a week).  You are more than welcome to come along and join in when you want.
  • On a regular basis, we will meet to update you with what your puppy has learnt.  You will be able to practise so that you can continue the training at home.

Follow Up

At the end, you will receive a comprehensive train the owner’s consultation where I will give you help and advice on maintaining the standard.  This will be followed by a weekly ‘check-in’ email.  After 4 weeks you will receive a follow-up telephone consultation.  Further, follow up consultations can be arranged as needed.

How Much?

For all the training, socialisation, fun and games £50 per visit.

What is excluded?

  • Toilet training when we are not with your puppy.  Although we will show you what to do when we are not there.
  • Any training activity where it will require the use of third party equipment for instance, the hire of a boat if you will want to take your puppy on a sailing holiday.
  • Dog sports training including obedience.
  • Guarding or man work.

Residential Training or Home Training?

The advantages of home training over residential dog training are that we are able to cover a wider range of activities and situations.

The whole family can be involved including children.

You have the benefit of your puppy staying with you and seeing the progress.

Plus there is less stress and upheaval for your puppy too.

Here are some more ideas of what your puppy can learn.

Places are limited, to reserve your space call Karen on 07910 706916 or email [email protected]