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Dogs just want to have fun with Paws for Cake

Paws for Cake 

Paws for Cake is a new weekly, fun activity for you and your dog. It doesn’t matter how old your dog is or how mobile you are; this is something that you and your dog can do together.

What is Paws for Cake?

Paws for Cake is a weekly activity held in an indoor venue for you and your dog.  It includes tea, coffee, cake and time to chat.

Using current training methods, you will teach your dog how to navigate a low impact obstacle course at your own pace.  It is not a race.  It is about doing something with your dog and achieving it for yourself.  I also want both you and your dog to have fun too.

You will not need any special equipment.  I will show you how to practise at home in your lounge or garden with things you already have.

Is Paws for Cake for me?

Paws for Cake is for anyone who has a dog and can get to the venue.

If your dog is a little reactive to other dogs, we will cope.  Also, if he is a little fearful, we will slowly bring him along.

If you are in a wheelchair or need sticks or a walker to assist you, that is ok too.  

I don’t have a dog – can I join in?

Maybe you love dogs, but for some reason, you can’t have one. You are still welcome to come along to chat over coffee and cake.  There may be a chance to assist others with their activity too.

Where does Paws for Cake come from?

Paws for Cake came about when I was trying to think of an activity that people over 50 can do with their dogs as part of the National Lottery and UnLtd, Transform Ageing scheme in the West Country.

I wanted something that anyone over 50 with or without a dog could do that would bring people together.

Then I remembered, that sometimes during a coffee break in my dog training classes my customers sometimes liked to sit and chat rather than go out to do some more dog training. 

I also had to bear in mind that many people in that age group didn’t really want to just train their dog in the traditional sense.  So I looked at all the dog activities and sports for inspiration.

Agility was the obvious choice and I had some experience of teaching agility for fun.

I had also taught someone who was deaf and partially blind, who walked with a stick, to train their dog to complete a dog agility course just for fun. We had to teach the dog to listen to various commands and navigate an obstacle course while she slowly moved around the course.

The new sport of Hoopers also has an element where the human part of the duo has to stay in a small area and direct their dog.

Rally Obedience also has some interesting exercises which I thought could be useful.

So I pulled these ideas together and set about finding ways that people could practise at home without any special equipment.

Paws for Cake was born and has proved to be a welcome activity.

What do you get at a Paws for Cake session?

AT Paws for Cake I will show you how to teach your dog to navigate some obstacles.  Don’t worry if your dog is old, jumping and speed is not necessary. 

Whilst we will use some equipment in the class, I will show you how to do it at home using what you have around such as chairs, table legs, rubbish bins, flower pots and footstools.

We will go at your pace.  You can choose whether you want to move around the course or stay in place.

If you have something specific that you want your dog to learn then that can also be included.

Also, if you don’t have a dog but would love to get involved, we can always use helpers.

Plus the nice bit – unlimited tea/coffee and cake.

How long is each session?

Each session will be 2 hours.

How many dogs will there be in each group?

I need to keep the numbers fairly low so that I have time to spend with each person.  I also want to fit in the chat, coffee and cake for me!  So a maximum of 6 dogs.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the cost to hire the venue, around £15 a week or £50 per month.  Once a venue is booked and I have the numbers the cost will be confirmed.
If you come for coffee and cake only the cost will be £3 weekly.

To find out more or to book your place ring Karen on 07910 706916 or use the contact me page.

Can I start with a puppy?

You can as this will be using low impact equipment and therefore not damaging to your puppy’s joints.  However, unless it is quite a calm puppy, you may need to do some basic puppy training to get you started. He will also find it quite tiring.

My puppy training uses up-to-date methods and is geared to your family needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.  

The training looks at boundaries, manners, house rules, socialisation and behaviour when out and about.

See the Family Puppy Training page for details.