A cute brown and white new Bulldog puppy walking on grass

Bulldog puppy on grass

****Your new puppy is here – hooray.****

Discover why all dog training is not alike, and how you can fine tune your puppy training utilising the rules that make the most sense for YOUR home!

You are training your puppy every minute of every day from the moment you picked your puppy up at the breeders or rescue.

The breeder and their family have also been teaching your puppy since it was born.

This is a fact that most people forget, their puppy is like a young mobile baby.  He is soaking up all the information and making his decisions on what happens, good and bad.  Your puppy will learn extremely quickly and a laugh or shout from you can have a lasting impact.

I once laughed at my puppy for chasing leaves, it looked very funny, but from then on, chasing leaves was something that she wanted to do to make me laugh again and she loved doing it too.  The only trouble with this is that it meant walking nicely down the road was not so easy in autumn and a competition ‘down stay’ was impossible in blustery conditions.  All because I laughed at the beginning.  It is possible to adjust this behaviour but much easier not to ‘teach’ it in the first place.

So you and your family have decided the rules for the puppy, how are you going to teach them quickly and nicely?

Peaceful Pups can help you to teach your puppy the rules in a relaxed manner without using force.  There is no need for shouting or frustration.  Your puppy is eager to learn and we will show you how.  Our puppy training is tailored to your needs and we promise that you will be able to fit it into your day.  We will also support you through any problems you may encounter.

In the last 20 years there have been a large number of studies trying to determine the best way to teach dogs so today’s methods have science to back them up.  There is no need to pull them around, smack them, push them down or pull their feet out from under them.  Most things can be taught as a game for your puppy.  Using these methods your puppy will become a well behaved and obedient dog and one you can be proud of.

If you live close to us you can arrange a time to suit where I will come and work with you and your family in your own home.  No need to fit in getting somewhere else.  If you have young children, they can be involved too.

If you live further away, then we can arrange a Skype call.

Puppy training should be fun for everyone including your new puppy.

Call Karen on 07910 706916 or email at  [email protected]   to book

 Don’t want to train him yourself?  We also offer an ‘at home’ done for you service.

This is what Sarah with Bo had to say:

We found Karen very friendly and full of great advice and training tips whilst at the same time sticking to her promise that whatever you want for your dog is OK by her – she advised and suggested lots of different ways to make him into a sociable adult dog whilst also working with us as owners in helping us get the best out of Bo and ourselves. Karen is enthusiastic and even had our very laid back and tired Bo obeying to a few commands. As new and first dog owners she gave us great advice on treating (how to, when to and what to!) and game playing as well as helping us with a few “problem” areas such as play biting and obeying commands. I woke up this morning excited to start trying a few things and at 6am was in the garden successfully getting Bo to “sit!”. Really pleased we made this investment and looking forward to seeing Karen again.