Recall Workshops for all

Recall – getting your dog to come back to you first time, no matter the distractions is the holy grail for many. It takes time, patience and careful planning.

For many, it seems easy, they have a 4 month old puppy who always comes back. However, most likely, trouble is around the corner. At 4 months, many are still insecure enough to want to stay close to their owners. Suddenly, at 5 months, their puppy starts to really wonder what is out there. Then suddenly, at some point between 6 months and 10 months, their puppy goes through the stroppy teen stage and life as you know it, has gone. What happened to that well behaved dog?

Others are terrified of letting their dog off the lead at any point or they have an inquisitive dog who is always off into the distance following their nose or chasing to greet another person, dog or bird.

Recall is fun when your dog comes back at speed.  This dog looks happy to be running towards it's owner.
My recall is good, watch out, I am coming fast.

The Solution

Recall training is an on-going issue. I am just about to update my ebook and I will put a link in here soon.

Your dog’s recall needs to be practiced daily until they are at least 2 years old or longer.

You need a plan. How are you going to introduce the distractions? Which distractions are fairly low and which ones can your dog not ignore?

Add distractions slowly. Work up the scale from lowest to highest. Do not try to deal with a high distraction early on. That is a recipe for failure.

I also like to teach my dogs to check in with me, that is come back to me when I haven’t called you. It comes in handy because then you know your dog will intermittently be coming back.

You need to be something your dog wants to return to, not less interesting than a tree! Work on being exciting, not boring.

Our Recall Workshop is a fun starting point. We go through a number of games that you can play with your dog to increase your value and make coming back fun. I have also written a blog with some games you can play to improve your recall. Read it here.

You will need to continue practicing and We will talk about distractions and how to work with them.

A recall workshop can be done on an individual basis or you can get a few friends together and share the cost.