Do you have a Rescue Dog?

Obtaining a dog from a rescue or rescuing a dog yourself is a great thing to do. I have had a few and they have all taught me quite a bit.

The thing is, you really do not know what that poor dog has gone through. Some are abandoned or given to a rescue and the reasons are varied.

For some it is because of lack of training and the dog has hit that stroppy teen stage. The family has no idea how to cope. They have no idea that it is actually because they have not consistently trained that they have hit this point. Off to a rescue it goes.

For Others there is a change of circumstance,a sudden lack of time, a new baby arriving, a family split, a job loss. Something has happened and life has changed. People have no intention of giving up their dog, but life has changed.

Then there are those that are rescued from another Country and are given a chance of a new life here.

Whatever the underlying reason, you have no idea what your new dog has experienced previously. It is going to be an adventure for you all. You are learning about your new dog and he or she is learning about you and what that will mean for him.

Rescue dogs can be very scared.  This dog doe not trust the hand that is coming towards him.
Rescue dogs can be very scared.

How long will it take for my rescue dog to feel comfortable?

I have no idea how long it will take for your dog to feel safe with you. It will depend very much on how often he has been re-homes, his age and his experience. However, as a rule of thumb, I always say that it will take at least 3 weeks before you see most of the behaviours. You also need to allow a year to go through the normal yearly seasons and activities.

Can I start training my rescue straight away?

Again, it depends on the dog but from the moment you pick that dog up, you are training them. He is also training you.

Some dogs will need a settling in period and others are so eager and happy with the attention, that they are up for learning new stuff straight away.

So for some dogs, you need to move slowly and others, you can just get on with it straight away.

If you are an experienced dog owner, you will most likely just instinctively know what the dogs needs.

How can Peaceful Pups help?

Our training program is flexible. It is always determined by the dog, it’s needs and their family needs.

You may just need a little help with one issue or you may need a number of sessions either to help your new dog understand and settle in or to overcome an issue.

You may be new to owning dogs and need help in a number of areas.

Whatever it is, we tailor the sessions to your needs. The sessions can be in your home or out and about where you walk your dogs.

We work with your whole family too. I think it is important that your new rescue dog bonds with everyone and therefore the training is for the whole family. See our Family Puppy Training for more information. It applies to rescue dogs too.