Here are some of the things that our customers have said about Karen and her training.

I am proudly owned by two 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a 17 ½ year old West Highland
Terrier and her 12 year old sister.

Although I am an experienced dog owner, I have always involved dog trainers to bring new
approaches as much as fun elements to my dog training. Over the years and with that much
exposure to dog trainers, I have gathered a fairly good understanding of the good, the bad and the
ugly, ….. that is until I met Karen and saw the excellent.

If you are like me, then you want the best for your dog and most certainly want to find the BEST to
help you achieve it. Look no further, you have found her.

Where to begin to sing Karen’s praise?

Karen is one of the most knowledgable, dedicated and passionate trainers of her profession. Not
only has she got a huge heart for animals, she also has an excellent understanding of their owners.
Dog trainers often insist on you changing your ways to fit their training methods. What if that
doesn’t suit you? What if you do like it that your dog cuddles up to you on the settee? What if you
do want your dog to sleep in the bedroom? What if your dog is slightly different to others as he is
a rescue or what if he has a physical ailment which needs to be considered in training?

Karen’s approach is tailored to your individual needs, your family’s and that of your dog. Training
with her is fun for you and your dog. You will never have to scold your dog as she will show you
positive ways to prevent him from getting it wrong.

My ridgeback boy has some brain damage following a massive epileptic seizure. I needed a trainer
able to think ‘outside the box’ to get through to him. Karen did just that. She evaluated him and
instantly saw what we could utilise and where we needed to come through the ‘back door’ for him
to understand what was asked of him. Today, I have a dog who is not only extremely well behaved, I
have a dog who loves training and can’t get enough of the mental stimulation he derives from it.
Indeed, over the years I have referred several of my friends to her and always found that her puppy
& adult dog training, intervention and passionate approach has helped not only their dogs but their
entire family to understand ‘dog speak’.

Karen’s training laid the foundation for happy dogs and owners.

In summary, to anyone reading this, I can truly say: “Look no further, you have found the best!”.

Dr Petra Dance.  Consultant Clinical Psychologist. August 2014


Karen visited myself, my partner and our new 9 week old Lhasa pup Bo at our house this week for our 2 hour consultation. We found Karen very friendly and full of great advice and training tips whilst at the same time sticking to her promise that whatever you want for your dog is OK by her – she advised and suggested lots of different ways to make him into a sociable adult dog whilst also working with us as owners in helping us get the best out of Bo and ourselves. Karen is enthusiastic and even had our very laid back and tired Bo obeying to a few commands. As new and first dog owners she gave us great advice on treating (how to, when to and what to!) and game playing as well as helping us with a few “problem” areas such as play biting and obeying commands. I woke up this morning excited to start trying a few things and at 6am was in the garden successfully getting Bo to “sit!”. Really pleased we made this investment and looking forward to seeing Karen again for our follow up.  Sarah July 2014