You’ll be amazed as your dog is transformed into a ‘grade A’ genius
dog with The Clever Dog Programme

Perfect for you if you want to help your dog excel and reach their full potential

All dogs are capable of learning more than we teach them, now’s the time to help your dog learn more.

TThis comprehensive 6 lesson training programme will help your dog learn new tricks, become more mentally agile and fulfil their potential.



How you and your dog benefit from this programme:

checked21-green-42Unleash your dog’s full potential and help them learn faster and with ease.
checked21-green-42Choose the behaviours and tricks that you want to teach your dog from a broad list or you can choose something unique to you.
checked21-green-42Lessons will be monthly giving you plenty of time to perfect the skill before something else is added to the mix.
checked21-green-42You will be exercising your dog’s mental skills which will result in a calmer more relaxed dog.
checked21-green-42Your dog will become so much more attentive to you and more eager to please you.

Don’t get caught out – The Clever Dog Programme gives your dog the fun and exciting learning they really need…

…This programme is recommended to help your dog learn new tricks, advanced behaviours and valuable skills. Your dog will reach their potential and become a more well rounded dog that the whole family love to spend time with.


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