Training is essential for a dog's well-being, it helps them to live harmoniously with you
Training – Daz and Bear learning to walk nicely on a lead as puppies

Training” their dog has different meanings to different people. Also, people have many different reasons for wanting to do some formal training with their dog. Some just want some initial guidance, some feel really unsure and want help over a longer period. Others want help with a specific issue and some just want to have fun and really see what their puppy/dog is capable of. Actually, they are capable of much more than we think.

Here at Peaceful Pups, we aim to provide a variety of training options. However, unlike most traditional dog trainers, I am not convinced group classes offer the best solutions. I have never liked a one-size fits all answer to problems and I feel that for many families, it doesn’t address their real needs.

Training – More information about the training I offer


Socialisation is often cited as a reason for group classes, but they only minimally help with a small area of socialisation, maybe 10%, what about the other 90%? I accept that good classes can create a number of situations, but not all classes have the facilities to do it.

With private sessions, we can go out and about at times to suit the requirements of the learning and meet the situations in real life. Such as people, moving things, noisy things, other dogs, cats, birds, horses, sheep and things that surprise your dog. We can go into cafe’s, walk along roads without paths and sit and watch the world go by. We can cover many different situations.

Behaviour at Home

Group classes cannot teach the behaviours you require at home. Your situation will be unique to you and we can only address your particular needs in your own environment. Perhaps you have young children who need to be able to run around without being accosted by your dog.

Maybe you don’t want your puppy to go upstairs but you do not want to use a stair gate. Or you need your dog to be out of harm’s way when you are cooking.


At home, we can work with your whole family and get your puppy or dog to behave for you all rather than just one person. Everyone can practise and I can adjust the training to their individual needs.

Training Options I offer

Most of my training uses games and fun to teach you and your puppy. Dogs, like humans learn quicker and are more motivated if it is fun.

One-off Puppy Visits

One off Puppy visits for those who haven’t had a puppy for a while and want a refresher in how to deal with puppy behaviour. Please also realise that training methods have changed greatly over the years and the way I approach training will be different to how you did it before.

Family Puppy Training Courses

Family Puppy Training Sessions can be one visit or a number scheduled when you need them. I will work with the whole family and we will go out and about as required. I can address the home environment and what your puppy needs to learn to live with you harmoniously and also look at how the family interacts with your puppy and help you to resolve issues.

Recall Training or Workshops

Recall Training or Workshops can be an individual session with yourself or a group session with some friends (so why not get together). This is usually just one session, but a follow up can be arranged.

Done for you, puppy training

In Done for You Puppy Training, I will train your puppy for you. There is no need to send your puppy away as I will come to you on an agreed schedule. I will undertake all the training and socialisation for you. I will teach the behaviours that you require and provide weekly updates.

Each week, I will meet with you so that you know what has been achieved. Plus you can practise with your puppy too.

Paws for Cake

Paws for Cake is a fun social activity that is all about having things that you can do with your dog, whether or not you can move around easily or have other health issues. The class is held weekly and also welcomes people who love dogs but for one reason or another, can’t have one.

You get to chat whilst drinking tea and coffee and eating cake. In between you get to teach your dog to navigate an obstacle course at your pace or whilst you are stationary.

You do not need any knowledge and it is not a race. This is just a fun activity that you can practise at home without any special equipment.

Specific Issues

Over the years, I have attended many courses to learn ways to help our dogs over specific issues. However, I am not a Clinical Behaviourist, nor do I call myself a Behaviourist. If I think I can help, I will tell you. If not, I will refer you elsewhere. many issues take time and effort to resolve and will likely mean a number of sessions. These can either be weekly or spread over a longer period depending on the situation.

Home integration for Rescue Dogs

When you bring home a rescued dog, you have no real idea of what is around the corner, but you are giving a dog another chance of a super life. Some rescues now provide a dossier of what your dog knows, but do you understand it? Is there a behaviour that you want help resolving.

My individual sessions are ideal for this. I can help you start to understand your new dogs behaviour and help you and your family to bond quickly.

It will take at least 3 weeks before you see most of the behaviours as your dog has to start to relax a little. However, it will take a least a year to go through all the normal events that happen in your life. Many will totally confuse your dog if he hasn’t previously had that experience.