5 pomeranian puppies sitting

A group of 5 Pomeranian puppies

What breed of puppy should you buy?

Learn what questions to ask and the things you should consider before deciding on a breed of puppy.

There is a lot of information and advice out there, some of it conflicting and confusing.  Some talk about shedding or not shedding, some mention hypo allergenic.  What does it all mean and how does if affect me?

What do you and your family need to consider before choosing a puppy?

How will you choose which puppy out of the litter?

We will help you narrow down your choice and help you make the decisions that will ensure you buy a puppy that suits you and your family.

There are many, many breeds of dog  to choose from, with many new ones appearing as there is a currently a trend for cross breeds.  So what breed is right for you and how do you make that decision?

Many programs that help you decide focus on how big a garden you have or how much time you will be out of the house, but I believe that whilst these are important questions there are more important questions to consider, for example,

Do you have excitable young children or lots of young children coming over to play?

Are you very house proud?

Have you very expensive furniture or antiques?

Can you afford the pet care during holidays and emergencies?

The answers to these questions and others would help you to decide which breeds would suit and how to start living with your puppy from the moment you bring him home .

Peaceful Pups will work with you and your family to  make that choice and make the decisions that will mean that you understand what to expect and how to deal with the situations in a kind, force free way.  Like a blue-print designed especially for you and your family.


Not sure if having a puppy will fit in with your life style?

Are you a busy family, always on the go?  Or you have young children and have heard that it isn’t always a good idea to get a puppy with a baby. I can help you and your family ask the right questions to help you make that decision.

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